Touring Perthshire, Fife and Edinburgh from Dunfermline

Experience the living past in ancient Dunfermline, Walk through 900 years of Scottish history in a day.


Dunfermline 's royal and monastic past dominate the town which can boast a royal palace, a 12th -century abbey (which is the final resting place of Robert the Bruce and the burial site of eleven other Scottish kings and queens), the restored 15th-century Abbot House and the cave in which St Margaret bathed the feet of the poor. King Malcolm Canmore established his court after the death of Macbeth at the now ruined fortified tower in the heart of Pittencrieff Glen. Dunfermline was the birthplace of James I in 1394 and of Charles I in 1600.



Of all the places in the world, few can capture the hearts as Scotland can. It is a timeless place, soft and green, yet wild and beautiful, where narrow roads meander along the banks of sparkling rivers - and sheep have the right of way. And when you visit Dunfermline and fife, you are so convenient for some of the very best that Scotland has to offer.


Quaint rows of cottages hug the seashore, or sit bunched shoulder to shoulder in village after historic village, and every churchyard, and castle, and palace has a story to tell of the folks whose spirits still haunt the ruined crofts and live in the misty moors of Scotland.


Here are 6 grat Scottish destinations you can visit comfortably in a day from our Dunfermline hotel.

  • Perth
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • St Andrews
  • Stirling
  • Dundee